• Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA                                                                  2016-2022
    • PhD, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • Harvey Mudd College (HMC), Claremont, CA                                                                                    2012-2016
    • B.S., Mathematical & Computational Biology (Joint Major)


Research Interests

Bumblebees, Agent-based Modeling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Video Behavior Classification

My research applies computational modeling techniques to traditional biological problems. Most of my research has focused on using agent-based modeling to study long-term impacts of pesticides and diseases on bumblebee behavior. My more recent work is focused on using deep learning methods to classify videos of bumblebee behavior.


Research Experience

  • Ryder Lab (Research Assistant), WPI                                                                                              2016-Present
    • Agent-based modeling in NetLogo to research the impact of memory impairments on bumblebee-plant dynamics.
    • Deep-learning methods to improve classifi cation and analysis of behavioral videos of bumblebees.
  • Bush Lab (Research Intern), HMC                                                                                                 Summer 2015
    • Developed algorithms to identify horizontal gene transfer events in bacterial species and implemented them in Python. Utilized Github for project management.
  • McFadden Lab (Research Intern), HMC                                                                                              2014-2015
    • Conducted a study of the hybridization of soft corals using Next-Generation Sequencing (RADseq).
  • Drewell Lab (Research Intern), HMC                                                                                            Summer 2013
    • Designed and implemented a general non-linear parameter estimation algorithm.
    • Programmed in C++, utilized OpenMP and XSEDE Blacklight supercomputing resources
  • Butte Lab (Research Intern), Stanford Center of Biomedical Informatics                              Summer 2012
    • Determined shared etiological factors of six autoimmune diseases using meta-analysis techniques on publicly available microarray data.



*Co-first authors


Technical Skills

Programming and Analysis: Python, Pytorch, Java, R, Processing, MATLAB, NetLogo, Hadoop

Software & Tools: Clustal Omega, UCSF Chimera, Adobe InDesign


Awards and Honors

Circular Economy and Data Analytics Engineering Research (CEDAR) for Sustainability Center Trainee